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IBM - Every Second Counts

Back back back it up.

The saga continues. IBM came to us to create this third installment in a series of videos about the importance of power systems and backup servers. Seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how often this important safety net gets glossed over.

Getting to the heart of the tech.

How do we make something super tactical, also super entertaining? So glad you asked.

We already knew that our client wanted to show the potential for disaster when e-commerce companies lose power. It was our job to make it emotional. We set the scene on Valentine’s Day— which is about as high as the stakes can go in terms of same day delivery. We decided to weave human drama into the IT department in a way that feels real, yet larger than life.

Campaign click-through rate 2.5x the client’s average

3x the average clicks

2x the average engagement rate

Our goal was to walk the line between authentic drama and hilarity. I think it’s our job as creatives to entertain, while reducing the amount of eyerolls as much as possible.

Spike Hoban, Director

Adapting on the fly.

We were deep into Q4 of 2020 (the year of COVID19, in case you missed it) and yet sooner or later, the show must go on. Things would need to look a little different in order to keep everyone safe.

Luckily, ‘flexible’ is our middle name. We keep light on our feet in general, and when it comes to production— we’re pretty damn good at adapting. 

Masks up. Camera on.

Sometimes the stars just align. We made a connection with a co-working space that was just recently open for business and still filling out its spaces. Translation: a clean slate.

Since there was no one around, we were able to take over the entire floor. Wardrobe, make up, lighting, cast, and crew each had their own section. Serendipity. Our second set was a warehouse which also provided plenty of room to keep everyone safe and comfortable.

We really went out of our way to make everyone feel comfortable. We knew we were setting a precedent for how production would happen.

Sean Riddle, Producer

Teamwork on set

  • 2 locations

  • 3 shoot days of regular temperature checks

  • 5 different food stations with individually wrapped meals

  • 25 necessary bodies on set, and not a single soul more

  • Approx. 50 million N95 masks. At least, it felt that way

  • Roughly 15 gallons of hand sanitizer

Showing some love.

The campaign launched over Valentine’s Day to great performance -- with a click through rate at 2.5x the client’s average, 3x the average clicks, and 2x the average engagement rate. All organic, of course. Turns out our audience loves ramping up the drama on the most romantic day of the year. 

Honestly I think what Myriad does best is flexibility. We always figure it out and get it done.

Spike Hoban, Director


  • Director

    Spike Hoban

  • Producer

    Sean Riddle

  • Writer, Editor + Sound Design

    Daniel Cook

  • 1st Assistant Director

    Melissa Douglas

  • Director of Photography

    Kent Willard

  • Assistant Cameras

    Trevor Jackson, Ryan Shackleford

  • Production Designer

    Ashley Hutchinson

  • Costumes, Hair + Make-Up

    Amy Hendrix

  • Gaffer

    Matt Hedt

  • Sound Mixer

    Aaron Bittikofer, Jeremy Childers