What if your videos could change the

What we do

First we find the spark— then we put a camera on it.

As a creative video agency with emphasis on technology and social impact video production, we see creativity as a force for good and video as the language it speaks in. There’s ‘good tension’ to every video we make—meaning that we’re always looking for the idea that rings the most true, but maybe not the most obvious. From animated services to commercial video production services, and emotion-driven documentaries, you can find us adding that good tension to every video production project we create.

Our objectives

Truth is a group project and the secret to our sauce is empathy.

At Myriad, we have a unique way of approaching video production and video marketing. We draw from a wide range of experiences to arrive at the strongest, singular vision that speaks to the way the world really is. It’s why our creative sphere spans beyond our video production agency in Raleigh to places all over the globe, including New York City. Our clients, people, and freelancers are found anywhere there’s reliable wifi. We like to call it “collective truth” and it makes us the best version of ourselves.