Documentary Video Production

A story-driven documentary can change minds and move the masses toward positive change. Myriad is based in Raleigh, NC, and we’re a full-service documentary video production company who has been dedicated to helping clients create documentary films that bring awareness to important social issues, share stories of amazing humans, and leave a positive mark on the world for decades.

What Does Documentary Video Production Look Like With Myriad?

The best documentary video production is built around a core story and the lives of the men, women, and children the documentary focuses on. That’s why we strive for authenticity, which is achieved by finding and amplifying the narrative that already exists (i.e., not creating an artificial narrative born out of editing techniques). We partner with documentary filmmakers and production companies, invest ourselves in the passion that drives them to tell their story, and share our own documentary filmmaking expertise to bring their vision to life.

What Styles of Documentaries Do We Create?

We create original videos such as short-form documentaries, as well as long-form documentaries, to:

  • Educate audiences on social media platforms or online
  • Bring awareness to humanitarian crises
  • Combat social and environmental injustice
  • Support the donation efforts of nonprofits and other 501c entities

We also partner with filmmakers and companies to create full-length feature documentaries that aspire to enter the film circuit or find distribution. Additionally, we create B2B documentaries that tell the human stories behind products, services, and brands.

Whatever the purpose or cause behind your documentary, Myriad possesses the filmmaking production know-how, a strong sense of story, and the talented team of producers, writers, directors, and artists to make the documentary of your dreams a reality.

Why Choose Myriad as Your Documentary Film Company?

Partner with Myriad to provide your documentary production services—from providing the documentary videographer to handling literally every other aspect of pre-production, production, and post-production. Contact us! 

What is Our Process for Creating a Documentary Film?

Myriad takes a tried-and-true approach to documentary filmmaking. Namely, this means consistent collaboration with the client, rigorous brainstorming, and a never-wavering eye for detail and story at every point in the filmmaking process.

No two documentary projects are ever the same. But we bring decades of documentary videography to the table, and we’re ready to embrace the characteristics and challenges that make your documentary unique—be it budgetary restraints, logistical hurdles, or a story that needs a highly creative visual approach.

And because each documentary video production is so different, the filmmaking process we follow is never the same between any two of them. However, here’s a high-level, general framework we use to approach each documentary project:

  • Pre-production: We help understand and refine the story you want to tell, so we can deliver a powerful script backed by in-depth research (when needed) and visualized with detailed storyboards. We also tackle all logistical hurdles: Securing locations and talent, assembling crew, locating/renting additional camera equipment when required, signing legal documents, etc.
  • Production: We support your filmmaking efforts with producers, production assistants, and other experts to ensure a successful shoot. In our case, “successful” is defined by achieving shot coverage for the edit as well as finding the human moments that emphasize the emotion that drives your story.
  • Post-production: We edit the raw footage, grade and correct color, layer in graphics, and add sound design. Then we deliver an approved documentary that tells the enticing, emotional story you envisioned from the start.

Client Documentary Film Showcase

Myriad has created documentaries for many businesses and projects. We are proud to have worked with IBM, ACLU-NC, Sustainable Harvest International, Meals on Wheels, and Sierra Club to create meaningful videos. Myriad is always looking to expand and help create a vision the client believes in, and welcomes creativity in the production process.

Examples of Our Documentary Video Productions

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