Raleigh Video Animation Services

Animation brings a story to life in a way like nothing else. But not all animations are created equal. To tap into the full potential of what an animation can do for your brand, you have to partner with a team that specializes in the kind of animated video that compels your audience to take action.

That’s where Myriad can help. We are based in Raleigh, NC and offer video animation services locally and nationally for a variety of businesses.

Myriad’s Animated Video Production Process

Collaboration is the spark that ignites creativity. That’s why our writers, directors, illustrators, and animators don’t work in a vacuum. They work with you to make sure your brand animation resonates with your audience on an emotional level and delivers the best possible ROI.

Throughout the entire animated video production process, we do more than keep you in the loop; we invite you to the table. That way, as we animate your message using the latest digital techniques and software—like those provided by Adobe—you play a key role in the process and, ultimately, success of your animation.

And here’s another bit of perspective key to driving ROI: scripting for animation is distinct from other forms of video. The pace, the concept, the overall length for animation requires writers experienced in the form. Otherwise, your animation may lack surprise and sophistication, shots will linger a bit long. Characters might be listless and fake.

What Makes Myriad’s Video Animation Services Different?

Be it sharing your message to your audience in a compelling way or working alongside you to create an animation, we excel at communication. We know the nuances of storytelling, and we know how to navigate them while using art techniques and styles to create a compelling and highly effective video animation.

Video Animation Services Your Way

Whether you want a brand animation to communicate your values as a company or an in-depth video that serves as a step-by-step guide for using your latest product or service, the principles of storytelling and animation remain the same. And since we’re expert storytellers, we’re ready to tackle any kind of animation that best serves you, including:

Client Showcase

We've made animated videos (as well as live action films) for a handful of clients both locally in Raleigh, NC and beyond. From trailers for Epic’s Fortnite to commercials highlighting IBM’s supply-chain’s simplicity, Myriad has quite a handful of experience. Here are just a few clients we’ve worked with below.

Video Examples

Below is a collection of the variety of animation service options we can provide. From tabletop stop motion animation to cell animation and explainer videos, we can do it all (and maybe more...)

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