A Look Behind the Myriad Apprenticeship

Aviana Vickers joined our team in November 2021 as an Apprentice and Creative Production Assistant. Over the past 6 months, she has been on set for multiple video shoots (both client and originals projects), attended marketing and branding meetings, strengthened her photography skills, and dug into almost every corner of the company.

In the following article, she's written up her experience, sharing what she's learned and looks forward to what future apprentices may hope to experience at MYR!AD.

Hi, it's Avi! 

In my 6 months at Myriad, I’ve been exposed to so many different things from the long hours on set to the tedious and strategic planning of a short film, and even the simple pleasures of writing a book review.

This apprenticeship has shown me so many different sides to this industry and I loved every second of it. Myriad has been such a safe and accepting place for me to gain my footing in the world of film. As a black woman, the film industry is a tough place to gain recognition, but the apprenticeship has allowed me to begin paving my way...even at the age of 19.

A couple of months into my apprenticeship I began working on my first big project, a short film called “Method.” After weeks and weeks of creating story circles and outlines in my notebook, I was able to plan out each scene in detail and begin writing.

This project is teaching me so much about myself and the creative process behind making a film. In between all of this, I was completing tasks such as shadowing creative meetings, helping out on set, book assignments, and taking notes on movies, albums, video essays, articles, pretty much anything that sparked creativity.

When all odds were against me, Myriad took me under their wing

Aviana Vickers

I am so thankful for everyone who contributed to my development as a filmmaker. I guess it’s true when they say “it takes a village to raise a child”... well in this case to raise an apprentice. And as I pass the torch on to the next person, I hope they find this experience as fulfilling and valuable as I did. Much love to my Myriad family.

Before this, my work was never challenged keeping me in a small box of my creativity.

Aviana Vickers

Thank you to my mentor Max Zampieri for keeping me on my toes and turning me into the writer I've always wanted to be.

Aviana Vickers

Check out some of Avi's recent BTS detail photography from a client shoot.

17 May 2024