Set Design

On Set at the IBM Think Creators' Studio

We traveled to Boston for the 2022 IBM Think conference, an annual gathering of IBMers and IBM customers, to set up a rolling video shoot studio. Here's a peek behind the scenes of the construction and set of the Creators' Studio.

Like clockwork, IBM Think happens every year. This year, it was hosted in Boston, Massachusetts. A lot of people important to IBM, both their own employees and customers, were all in one place at one time. Our goal: capture as many videos of IBM Think attendees as possible in a two day window.

We set up two studios with different styles. One with a clean white look. It was used for presentations direct to camera conveying a subject of expertise. This room was outfitted with Blackmagic Design Studio 4K Pro Cameras.

An adjacent studio was arranged with a casual interview and conversation-based setup with the city as a backdrop filmed with Sony FX6 and PXW-FX9 cameras.

Both rooms were live switched, allowing for on the fly editing and a few deliverables were almost immediately delivered to the client. This is one of the main benefits of live switching on set.

In all, we had 16 people on set and two production days with one set up and one tear down day.

The videos we produced (about 22 in two days) will be used by IBM to educate and inform their audience about IBM products, with a few internal videos meant for IBMers.


We can't forget this little BTS detail. We got a visit from one of the infamous Boston Dynamics robots. As part of its relationship with IBM, Boston Dynamics discussed their collaborations on camera. The robot snuck into a conversation as well. But, don't worry. It's handler was just off set to make sure he was a good boy!

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24 Jul 2024