Recruiting Educators with NC State's Kenan Fellows Program

The Kenan Fellows Program for Teacher Leadership at NC State needed a video as part of their recruitment campaign to encourage K-12 educators in North Carolina to participate in their yearlong fellowship program.

The campaign's goal was to raise KFP’s profile as the leading provider of teacher-centered workforce education initiatives in North Carolina.

We partnered with Creative Campfire to produce a video that became a centerpiece for the organization’s campaign to increase the number of users on their main website and raise awareness of KFP’s programming and impact for 2024.

In fact, applications increased by over 30% this year. A huge win in our book.

The video has elicited some happy tears from educators who have been feeling under appreciated and now are feeling seen.

Amneris Solano

The Kenan Fellows Program for Teacher Leadership (KFP) is a K-12 education initiative of the Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology & Science at N.C. State University. The program aims to enhance the teaching profession by providing educators from all disciplines with immersive experiences in STEM industries and research settings, fostering innovation and excellence in education across North Carolina

17 May 2024