Hi Sigma!

There are aspects of each of these samples that we can apply to your project, but they mainly serve to provide a sense of our capabilities as it relates to SIGMA and the manufacturing space. None of them should be thought as prescriptive!

Syngenta - Advanced Crop Lab

A state of the art science facility is the subject of this video. It should give you a sense of how a place (and the people working within) can serve as the main focus of a video.

LexisNexis - Future Vision

We also wanted to give you an example of how a strictly voiceover driven script (no interviews) can be paired with b-roll.

ATI Industrial Automation

An example of a video produced for a company in the manufacturing space. It features controlled lighting and camera movement for higher production value b-roll.

VF Corp Recruitment Video

This is a high level brand video used for VF’s recruitment efforts. It covers a variety of VF Corp’s business operations and culture. What’s most relevant here is the b-roll of their manufacturing facilities.

Pendo Masters of Craft - Arrowhead

Another example of our b-roll capabilities focusing on craftsmen at work.