You Play Fortnite?

So Alive!

Epic Games

Who doesn’t know about Fortnite?

The online video game from Epic Games has been a cultural phenomenon over the last few years. Epic wanted to launch their new partnership with Nintendo Switch during the Nintendo Direct Stream at the 2018 E3 conference with an action-packed trailer.

We collaborated with Epic to produce and film the live-action portions of the trailer, depicting game-play scenarios in various Raleigh locations.

A major success for the launch.

Within 24 hours of the premiere, the game was downloaded over 2 million times, and to date, the video has a combined 17 million views on Fortnite and Nintendo’s official YouTube channels.

With over 40,000 twitter engagements, upwards of 500,000 views and 5,000 shares on Facebook, the video was a major success for the launch. Seems like everyone and their cousin know about Fortnite on the Switch now.


  • Director

    Spike Hoban

  • Producer

    Drew Grimes

  • Director of Photography

    Kyle Messina

  • 2nd AD

    Melissa Douglas