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Culligan Water

Smart Water

Myriad had the opportunity to work with Tinuiti, the largest independent performance marketing firm across Streaming TV, on a commercial video spot for Culligan Water, specifically focused on the Culligan Smart Reverse Osmosis System.

The system, which is certified to remove more than 70 contaminants from your home's water is like having your own team of water experts.

Best of Both Worlds

The comedic concept focuses on an eccentric group of water experts crafting the perfect glass of water. To make the most of the comedic effect of the spot, we filmed in two distinctly different worlds.

The first, a modern kitchen, became the real world where the water was consumed. The other, a quirky lab where the water was perfected. The contrast between the two worlds accentuated the humorous elements of the concept with the Culligan filtration system acting as the connective conduit between the worlds.

Making the Rounds

The video has been shared wide online since being released in the Fall of 2023, including a fifteen second commercial that has been making the rounds on YouTube and has amassed over 8 million views so far.

Working with Myriad was an absolute pleasure - they seamlessly navigated every twist and turn, adapting effortlessly to changes. Their incredible team flawlessly brought our vision to life with kindness and unwavering support.

Whitney Mortimer, Tinuiti Creative Director

Behind the Scenes

We built a fanciful, yet sciencey, space for the experts to bring this larger-than-life idea up from the depths of the water world. The art department team, led by Production Designer Ashley Hutchinson, brought Tinuitiā€™s multi-layered vision to life. Texture, depth and contrast came together to create a monochromatic set that felt three-dimensional and vibrant.

Watch our behind the scenes featurette to get a sneak peek into the construction process of the set.

Thanks to our crew

Water Expert Talent: Evit Emerson, Hanna Brown, Rankin Willard

Gaffer: Adam Thomas

G&E Swing: Colind Dodd

Production Assistant: Daniel Huffman

1st AC: Ryan Shackleford

2nd AC: Trevor Jackson

Still Photographer: Richard Barlow

H/MU: Amy Hendrix

Sound Mixer: York Phelps

Set Decorator: Sarah Costello

Production Design Assistant: Mollie Earls

Set Photography: Richard Barlow


  • Agency


  • Creative Director

    Whitney Mortimer

  • Director

    David Denton

  • Producer

    Sean Riddle

  • Director of Photography

    Kent Willard

  • Editing

    Alex Zustra

  • VFX

    Dustin Scott

  • Sound Mix

    Daniel Cook

  • Production Design

    Ashley Hutchinson

  • Color Grade

    Rob Bessette, Color Refinery