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Stance Apparel

So picture this

So picture this

Our team wanted to create a spec spot in the clothing and apparel space. Director Spike Hoban was like, okay guys check this ish out: “Stance Socks are great and I think we should make a thing for them. They made what was once boring, interesting.”

We agreed.

Stance Socks are great. I think we should make a thing for them.

Spike Hoban, Director

You got ideas?

Working closely with Creative Director Adam Cohen, Spike developed a concept that pits the ordinary against the extraordinary. The two developed the idea further, eventually creating over a hundred unique, fun ideas.

Burning down the house

After deciding on 10 scenarios, the ad was shot over two days across two locations.  Fun fact: production had to move from our office to Spike’s garage because Spike wanted to set fire to some things…which isn’t exactly allowed in an office full of flammable humans.

It felt like 110º outside, so you can only imagine what it was like in a closed garage with high powered cinema lights and actual fire. Oof.

Tabletop tinkering

  • A look at the camera used to shoot the Stance Socks marketing video
  • A camera filming a unique video project
  • An image of the Statue of David used for a marketing video
  • A man on a ladder at a video shoot for Stance Socks and bedazzled shorts
  • 110 degrees on production day

  • 104 ideas brainstormed

  • 10 ideas shot

  • 26 bedazzled gems on our actor’s hot pants

  • 1 sweaty banana costume

  • 1.6 terabytes of 4K RAW footage

  • 3 ideas chosen for the final edit

Play to win

Editor Brent Edwards decided to play around with the footage to create 15 second micromedia cuts using each filmed scenario. Because why turn around a 30 second cut with voiceover and sound design, when goofing off created something even better?

Pretty interesting, right?


  • Producer

    Marisa Shields

  • Director

    Spike Hoban

  • Director of Photography + Color

    Max Zampieri

  • Editor

    Brent Edwards