Resident Benefits Package by Second Nature

From Camelot, With Love

Second Nature

The Bright Ages

Second Nature needed a funny, engaging explainer for their award winning Resident Benefits Package. They wanted something unique, memorable for an audience accustomed to cheesy voice over coating even cheesier stock footage.

Actual Wizardry?

Actual Wizardry?

Writer and director Brent Edwards worked alongside the the Second Nature creative teams to develop a medieval themed concept that called for wizards, knights, and off-screen dragons. Oh, and we wanted to shoot it in a castle.

The final piece features silly paintings, exploding towers, and a steady stream of Dark Ages based humor, while covering every value prop for RBP by Second Nature, in just a few short minutes.

Read more about this project over on our BTS blog.

We planned to build the castle sets, but ended up finding a real castle!

Production Design Emily Mormann


  • Executive Producer

    Chris Young

  • Directors

    Max Zampieri + Brent Edwards

  • Producer

    Drew Grimes

  • Writer

    Brent Edwards

  • 1st AD

    Ty Ussery

  • 2nd AD

    Melissa Douglas

  • Director of Photography

    Max Zampieri

  • Art Director

    Emily Mormann

  • 1st AC

    Jordan Gibson

  • PAs

    Aviana Vickers + Evelyn Cox

Thanks to our crew

Camera Operator - Caleb Childers

1st Asst. Art. Dir. - Birdie Edevane

Gaffer - Adam Pinnell

Grips - Jim Mahorney + Los Crupi

Teleprompter Op - Jeff Buckner

Hair & Makeup - Sophie Wilson + Pamela Zwick

Head Wardrobe - Christine McInnis

Audio - Taylor Parris

Editor - Brent Edwards

Audio Post - Daniel Cook