Smart Water

Building an Underwater Lab with Culligan Water and Tinuiti

We worked with marketing firm Tinuiti to create a commercial for Culligan Water. The comedic concept focuses on an eccentric group of water experts crafting the perfect glass of water.

So, we built a fanciful, yet sciencey, space for the experts to bring this larger-than-life idea up from the depths of the water world. This featurette gives a sneak peek into the construction process.

The art department team, led by Production Designer Ashley Hutchinson, brought Tinuiti’s multi-layered vision to life. Texture, depth and contrast came together to create a monochromatic set that felt three-dimensional and vibrant.

The design team also brought in the scientific props, including beakers and graduated cylinders, to add a contrasting serious touch to the humorous nature of the world.

We’re thankful for Ashley and her team, who always make great creative collaborators! Check out our Every Second Counts project with IBM to see more of our work together.

Thanks to Hudson Haines, Whitney Mortimer and the rest of the creative client team over at Tinuiti.

Watch the full Culligan Water commercial.

Culligan BTS Video Credits

  • Producers: Jedidiah Gant, Emily Mormann
  • Videographer: Justin Lazzarri
  • Director + Editor: Emily Mormann

18 Apr 2024