Humans + Machines 4Ever

Close Encounters of the Automated Kind

IBM + Pearson

Humans and machines, friends forever.

Humans and machines, friends forever.

Customer reference videos can be relatively straight-forward projects. To highlight IBM and Pearson’s success in embracing automation, we took the obvious approach: robot alien invaders and superhero humans. 

Astronomical Success

Astronomical Success

Thanks to our partnership with Motion Design Studio Bien, we used a variety of animation approaches to make a customer video that’s out of this world. 


  • Executive Producer

    Chris Young

  • Senior Producer

    Drew Grimes

  • Creative Director

    Daniel Cook

  • Motion Design Studio


  • Bien Executive Producer

    Ricardo Roberts

  • Bien Creative Director

    Hung Le

  • Bien Art Director

    Carlos Alegria

  • Custom Music Score + Sound Design

    Daniel Cook