Pop Rock

Babe Club Performs for Window Music

Babe Club played the main stage at the Artsplosure festival in Downtown Raleigh in May 2023 and popped over to the Window Music set for a few songs afterward, which included Lazy Lover and The Core.

Capturing Blondie’s mid 70’s new wave era, and the 90’s alt-pop group The Cardigans - Babe Club's sound is marked by raw guitars, textural synths, and lustrous drum beats. A clever songwriting style reminiscent of Aimee Mann, their alluring melodies are fused with powerfully evocative and existential lyrics, yielding songs that explore self-realization, honest emotions, friendship and themes of love.

Window Music is a webseries that is finding the sound of North Carolina, created by Myriad. Alongside legendary music greats and a thriving local scene, we attract the best of the best with our world class festivals and music venues. We hope to shine a light on our community and the talent it attracts. This set was sponsored by Artsplosure, Raleigh's Nonprofit art and cultural events production studio.


  • Video Agency - Myriad
  • Sponsor - Artsplosure
  • Executive Producers - Alysse Campbell + Jedidiah Gant
  • Technical Director - Drew Grimes
  • Director of Photography - Trevor Jackson
  • Camera Operator - Tony Cope, Trevor Underwood
  • Editor - Drew Grimes
  • Audio - Zontrey Thomas
  • Gaffer - Terry O'Deen
  • Roaming Camera Op - Sandra Davidson

17 May 2024