Behind the scenes

Window Into an Artist: Where Musicians Speak Their Mind

Throughout history, artists have used music video production as a pathway to be heard. Window into an Artist is an interview-based series within the Window Music brand looking into the cultural and social justice topics that inspire a musician’s work.

It has become a platform for these voices to speak against injustice, to be a voice for those who need a megaphone, and to bring hidden ideas to life. We hope to shine a light on the topics artists are most passionate about.

By weaving together a thought provoking interview with live performance, the series compels the audience to think about music on a deeper level. Window Into An Artist provides a glimpse into a musician’s vision as they speak their mind on what they stand for.

So far, we’ve heard from five musicians; Bangzz, Pat Junior, Skylar Gudasz, Wednesday, and The Dead Tongues. Each focused on a topic in their music that was meaningful to them, from addiction to mental health, mansplaining to feminism. 

This series will continue to travel across musical and social genres, starting conversations in places they may not have started before. These are films that inspire action, a tenant of our Myriad Originals. 

17 May 2024