A look into our process

Behind the Scenes: A Look at Myriad’s Video Production Process

Welcome to BTS, a look behind the scenes at the conversations we’re changing, the differences we’re making, and the chances we’re taking.

As a video agency, our process spans from strategy and research and to production and on down the line to post-production, with a lot to cover in between.

So, we are going to use this space to explain our creative process and showcase what's good.

A clapperboard being used on set

BTS is our way of giving a ‘Behind the Scenes’ look into what we are working on at Myriad. Sometimes that will be while we are working on it. In action. Sometimes that will be after we’ve completed the work and are looking back on it. In rewind.

A lot of the video production process is typically out of sight, so we want to bring those hidden workings out into the open. The thoughts and ideas that go into creation will be revealed, pulled apart and showcased.

You'll get to see how a video agency works, our video marketing services, and all the fun media agency life details that get us hyped to make video, and make a difference.

We have a lot on our mind and any given time. We have a lot of stories we want to tell and things we want to learn. BTS will be that conversation space.

24 Jul 2024