Images Worth a Thousand Pixels

Turning Films into Key Art

It’s hard to sum up a video project in a few words. 

Sometimes it’s a phrase that speaks to the video’s core message or the call to action in a film. Other times it’s the exact title of the video.

Slap that together with an image that simultaneously allows the viewer to get a glimpse of what the film is about, but also leave them with some questions, mystery, and intrigue. 

This is the goal of Key Art, a new form of video thumbnail that has been popping up all over streaming platforms. It identifies a project through simple, yet effective visuals and text. 

We made a few of our own for both client work and Myriad Originals. It’s a fun way to give a project a life beyond a simple thumbnail with It character, color, and energy.

Check out our favorite key art examples below.

Key art functions similarly, binding text and image together in an intricate visual-linguistic dance. With both memes and key art, you just instantly get it.

Rex Sorgatz

18 Apr 2024