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Music Video Production Services

Myriad is on a mission to find and share the sound of North Carolina. That’s why we created Window Music, a Myriad Originals platform for North Carolina musicians to be heard and seen through a variety of web series, short docs, musical performances, and more.

We create films, produce music videos, stream and record live music, and grow the audiences of musicians large and small. We have the production gear, means, and passion to support music artists who strive to make a positive impact on the world through their rhythms, beats, and lyrics.

Our Approach to Music Video Production

Window Music empowers homegrown musicians with our video production capabilities and the support of local business partners. We have the production equipment to create cinematic music videos and achieve perfectly mixed instruments and vocals—and we have a funding structure in place to create video with little overhead.

We’ve also fostered financial and distribution partnerships with supporters like WUNC and NPR, with the latter’s Live Sessions page receiving 80,000+ views every month. Window Music content also lives on, which itself sees thousands of monthly views.

Music Making

Let's Make Some Noise Together

Let’s partner together to bring original music concepts to life and put local artists on the map. If you’re an artist with an idea for a music video or a local business wishing to become a sponsor, get in touch.

Music Scene

What Services Do We Offer?

Here’s just a small sample of the ongoing web series, special projects, interviews, documentaries, and more that’s either been completed or are in various stages of creative development.

Traditional Music Video Production

We offer full, end-to-end video production services through our Window Music banner. From video ideation and scripting to filming and editing, we partner with artists to create share-worthy music videos that generate buzz.

Window into an Artist

This is Window Music’s interview series that explores the cultural and social justice topics that inspire a musician’s work. Featured artists include KT Tunstall and Ben Folds [potential links/pop-up overlays].

The Great Cover Up
This is the story of one concert that became a community institution in Raleigh, North Carolina, inspiring ordinary people to become rock stars for 15 glorious minutes.

Starting as a single night show in 1999, The Great Cover Up has grown to an annual, two weekend event and has featured 150+ cover bands while raising over $25,000 for local charities.

Around Town with / Day in the Life of

A fantastical series that follows a touring musician around Raleigh while they wait to take the stage. We capture what they do before a show, the local spots they visit, the people and sights they encounter, and more.

Girls Rock NC

This short doc highlights the Girls Rock NC, a youth-centered organization dedicated to building community and power among girls, transgender youth, and gender expansive youth through musical collaboration, political education for social change, and creative expression.

Meet My Instrument

Artists show us their beloved instruments—some of which have names, naturally—and what makes their musical tool of the trade so special to them.

Windows into the Future

This series showcases young North Carolina musicians and the teases the bright future ahead of these talented kids.

Windows in My Past

This reflective series features the immigrants who have settled in North Carolina, bringing their culture along with their music. We explore how the sounds of home influence their writing, their performances, and collaborations. And we look at how immigrant musicians are creating new roots while staying true to their past.

The Sound of North Carolina

In this short documentary on the history of music in North Carolina, we trace the roots of local sounds back to their state origins and pay homage to Carolinian talent who went on to national fame—from bluegrass to jazz and everything in between.

What Music Video Series Are We Producing?

Here’s just a small sample of the ongoing web series, special projects, interviews, documentaries, and more that’s either been completed or are in various stages of creative development.

Music Videos

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We make original films that inspire action. See more of those films here.

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Get in touch to pitch your music video idea or become a sponsor. Let's make some music together.