Ben Folds Explains His Song Fred Jones Pt. 2

The Editor of a local paper was the inspiration behind Ben Folds hit song, Fred Jones, Part 2. In this ‘Window Into An Artist’ film, Ben Folds opens up about songwriting and the impact of this “hero” losing his job.

It is I, Ben Folds!

Ben Folds

Ben Folds is widely regarded as one of the major music influencers of our generation. He’s created an enormous body of genre-bending music that includes pop albums with Ben Folds Five, multiple solo albums, and numerous collaborative records.

An outspoken champion for arts education and music therapy funding in our nation’s public schools, creating Key’s For Kids, a charitable initiative in partnership with the North Carolina Arts Council and the North Carolina Arts Foundation. Its purpose is to provide young people in North Carolina who express an interest in learning to play piano but have limited access to appropriate lessons and instruments at little or no cost.

This interview was filmed at Osceola Recording Studios, in support of Keys for Kids.

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17 May 2024