Giving Tuesday

Celtics' Danilo Gallinari Teams Up with St. Baldrick's Foundation for Giving Tuesday 

For Giving Tuesday, we worked with St. Baldrick's Foundation to spread a message that is very close to our heart: finding a cure for childhood cancer.

Celtics power forward Danilo Gallinari and 13 year old cancer survivor Oliver Gant teamed up to ask you to help fund life-saving research and #ConquerKidsCancer.

Our Brand Director's son, Oliver Gant, was diagnosed with cancer, a stage 3 germ cell tumor, when he was not even two years old. He had 4 rounds of chemo to shrink the tumor, and then a major surgery to remove it… but the cancer was still growing.

His oncologist (a research fellow) turned to a different chemo cocktail treatment and 12 hour surgery. That combo worked and he's now a 13-year-old survivor with a passion for playing guitar and rock climbing.

Myriad delivered a fantastic video that helped St. Baldrick’s raise more than $45,000 to Conquer Kids’ Cancer!

Traci Johnson, St. Baldrick's Director of Communications

Since Oliver's diagnosis and research-based treatment, St. Baldrick's Foundation has been a regular source of donations for the Gant family and Myriad. A few employees, including Partner Tony Cope have shaved their heads for the cause and we have donated as a company over the years.

Therefore, when St. Baldrick's reached out to us to help with some social videos for their 2022 Giving Tuesday campaign, we were all in.

In the 2-minute break between quarters, another child will be diagnosed with cancer. 

Danilo Gallinari

St. Baldrick's had enlisted Boston Celtics power forward Danilo Gallinari as their spokesperson for the Giving Tuesday campaign The organization wanted to combine Danilo and Oliver in the same video, becoming teammates with a common mission.

Considering Danilo is in the middle of the NBA season, it was tough to film both in the same location. So, we collaborated on a script to create a seamless transition between the two. The Celtics filmed Danilo is Boston and we filmed Oliver in Raleigh, splicing them together in post. They even shipped us the basketball Danilo used to create continuity between the scenes.

Myriad's team is dedicated, responsive, and committed to delivering video content that will inspire and motivate people to take action.

Traci Johnson, St. Baldrick's Director of Communications

The ultimate goal of the campaign: raise funds for research focused on finding cures and better treatments for all childhood cancers. St. Baldrick’s is dedicated to funding the best childhood cancer research, no matter where it takes place, so that kids can survive and thrive.

The greatest assist you can give kids with cancer is helping to fund lifesaving research.

Danilo Gallinari

Donate to support research and find cures for childhood cancer today:

18 Apr 2024