Supporting our LGBTQ+ Community

Filming the Fund for the Fabulous Campaign

The Durham beer brand Ponysauras developed a beer called 'Don’t Be Mean to People' during North Carolina's HB2 debacle back in March 2016. The goal of the beer was to give back to local LGBTQ+ charities doing the work to fight for those disenfranchised by this outrageous and inhuman law.

Fast forward five years later and North Carolina's Lt. Governor proceeds to call the LGBT+ community 'filth'. Several times. In public!

Obviously, some folks in the North Carolina government didn't learn from their 2016 mistakes.

'Don't Be Mean to People' believes in the goodness of everyone

Ponysaurus Brewing

So we hopped onto set with the Ponysaurus and Baldwin& teams to film two videos.

The first was focused on directing donations to the Fabulous Fund and a second one captured the brewery's owners sending out a direct invite to the Lt. Governor to have a beer and discuss his filthy comments.

Both videos took less than a day to film, with the majority of the prep work focused on finding local talent for the campaign video. All talent participants were members of the Raleigh, Durham and Chapel HIll LGBT+ communities.

Creative on the campaign was done by Baldwin& with video production by Myriad (Director and DP Jordan Gibson and Brand Director Jedidiah Gant as Producer). Post-production was handled by our friends at 11DollarBill.

Glad we could be a part of the team to help out for the cause.

The Lt. Governor said if we don’t understand why he thinks LGBTQ+ North Carolinians are “filth,” he’ll be happy to explain it. So we asked him over for a beer.


Ponysaurus believes in the goodness of everyone and set up the Fund for the Fabulous. For the remainder of his term, a portion of all profits from Don’t Be Mean to People will go towards the Fund for the Fabulous which directly supports the LGBTQ+ community, all in the name of his illustrious title.

The campaign was featured in People Magazine and Adweek, along with a handful of other news outlets, including Indy Week, News & Observer, Yahoo News, WRAL Shoot Online, Little Black Book, and somehow The Hill.

Check out the Fund for the Fabulous website for more information and make your own donation.

17 May 2024