Films that Inspire Action

Introducing Myriad Originals

Myriad Originals may be a new term floating around our social accounts and website, but they’re the type of films we’ve been making for three decades. 

Myriad Originals are emotionally provocative films that inspire action.

These are the stories of kindness and conflict, passion and conviction, escape, survival, and belonging, told by the people at the heart of the narratives.

Fascinating adventurers, artists, activists, writers, workers, and musicians. Everywhere around are dynamic humans with deep passion and intention to their work.

Myriad Originals are why we got into filmmaking. Not to create 'content', but to use our skills to help others tell their own unique, necessary stories.

Alysse Campbell, Manager of Original Content

Through Myriad Originals, we collaborate and showcase stories through films with an emphasis on originality, imaginative storytelling, and activated intent.

Our cameras started rolling. Originals was born.

Watch all of our Myriad Originals Films.

24 Jul 2024