Who Runs the World?

Watch 'The Women of Artists x Athletes' Carolina Performing Arts Short Film

Episode two of the Carolina Performing Arts 'Artists are Athletes. Athletes are Artists' series focused on women who are at the top of their artistic and athletic games. The creativity and leadership of Alison Friedman, Sam Meza and Michelle Dorrance drove Episode 2 of the “Artists Are Athletes” series.

We compiled behind the scenes footage from the shoot into a short film that highlights all of the women who made this project a success.

It’s been a true collaboration with Carolina Performing Arts, Dorrance Dance and UNC Women's Soccer. One that’s been propelled by women.

Check out the other films we've made for this project including Episode Two of the 'Artists are Athletes. Athletes are Artists.' series and a Behind the Scenes Featurette.

This video features the women of Artists/Athletes:

  • Alison Friedman: CPA, Executive & Artistic Director
  • Sam Meza: UNC Women’s Soccer, Athlete
  • Michelle Dorrance: Dorrance Dance, Artistic Director
  • Jana Jackson: CPA, Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Alex Kimball: UNC Women’s Soccer, Assistant Coach
  • Gabby Benavides: Dorrance Dance, Assistant to the Artistic Director
  • Davisha DaDone: Hair & Makeup Artist
  • Alexa Brooke Ruggiero: BTS Photography
  • Emily Mormann: Storyboards

'The Women Of' Short Film Credits

  • Producers: Emily Mormann, Jedidiah Gant
  • Director: Emily Mormann
  • Videographer: Justin Lazzari
  • Editor: Emily Mormann
  • BTS Photographer: Alexa Brooke Ruggiero
  • The Women Of: Alison Friedman, Sam Meza, Michelle Dorrance, Jana Jackson, Alex Kimball, Gabby Benavides, Davisha DaDone, Alexa Brooke Ruggiero, Emily Mormann

17 May 2024