Social Impact & Nonprofit Video Production

We’re in the business of nonprofit video production because we believe visual storytelling has the power to convince minds and change hearts. Based in Raleigh, NC, Myriad partners with 501c organizations to create nonprofit videos that put important issues and amazing people in the spotlight. And our award-winning nonprofit video production has helped to raise awareness for humanitarian causes and drive positive social impact.

Social Impact Video Production

Video is powerful. And to us, there’s no better way to use it than to help and educate others. We work with nonprofits to bring attention to local and national efforts to feed, clothe, and shelter communities. To provide underprivileged youth with learning and career opportunities. To further social justice causes and to better protect those facing the disproportionate fallout of ongoing climate change.

What Types of Businesses and Nonprofits Do We Work With?

We partner with nonprofits who seek awareness and support. Sometimes, a humanitarian crisis goes unnoticed by the mainstream. So we create nonprofit videos that raise awareness and provoke emotion. We also create fundraising and commercial videos to convince donors that your cause is worth supporting.

We work with nonprofits such as:

  • National foundations and organizations
  • Global nonprofits
  • Healthcare nonprofits
  • Environmental justice nonprofits
  • Educational nonprofits
  • Nonprofits that provide food, clothing, and shelter

Because we know marketing budgets are often limited for nonprofits, we work with our clients on either a pro bono basis or create a flexible payment plan at rates specially created for nonprofits.

Our Process for Creating Social Impact and Nonprofit Videos

Initial discovery

We meet to learn who you are, what your cause is, and how we can help.

Project estimate - We submit a scope of work that details production costs and deadlines.

Pre-production - We write the script, secure locations and talent, and line up all other creative and logistical details necessary to deliver a great video.

Production - We film interviews and capture b-roll with our eye for detail, talent for storytelling, and awareness to the sometimes-sensitive nature of the subject matter. 

Post-production - From editing and color grading to sound design and final graphics, we piece together and deliver an impactful nonprofit video, along with cutdowns for social sharing.

Why Choose Myriad as Your Nonprofit Video Production Company?

Get in touch with Myriad, and let’s create a purpose-driven video that shows others the difference you’re making—and encourages them to do the same. Contact us!

Nonprofit Client Showcase

Myriad has helped create nonprofit projects for several businesses and clients. We are proud to have worked with Sustainable Harvest International, Meals on Wheels and ACLU-NC to create meaningful social impact videos. Myriad is always looking to help fuel creatives with their vision, and enact social change along the way.

Featured Social Impact & Nonprofit Videos

Check out some of our award-winning nonprofit videos, made in collaboration with the nonprofit volunteers and workers who work tirelessly to protect the environment, enact social change, and support families in need.

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