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Don't Be Mean

The Durham beer brand Ponysauras developed a beer called 'Don’t Be Mean to People' during North Carolina's HB2 debacle back in March 2016. The goal of the beer was to give back to local LGBTQ+ charities doing the work to fight for those disenfranchised by this outrageous and inhuman law.

Fast forward five years later and North Carolina's Lt. Governor proceeds to call the LGBT+ community 'filth'. Several times. In public!

Obviously, some folks in the North Carolina government didn't learn from their 2016 mistakes.

So we hopped onto set with the Ponysaurus and Baldwin& teams to film two videos.

The first was focused on directing donations to the Fabulous Fund and a second one captured the brewery's owners sending out a direct invite to the Lt. Governor to have a beer and discuss his filthy comments.

Spreading Fabulousness

Ponysaurus believes in the goodness of everyone and set up the Fund for the Fabulous. For the remainder of his term, a portion of all profits from Don’t Be Mean to People will go towards the Fund for the Fabulous which directly supports the LGBTQ+ community, all in the name of his illustrious title.

The campaign was featured in People Magazine and Adweek, along with a handful of other news outlets, including Indy Week, News & Observer, Yahoo News, WRAL Shoot Online, Little Black Book, and somehow The Hill.

'Don't Be Mean to People' believes in the goodness of everyone

Ponysaurus Brewing


  • Creative + Strategy


  • Director + DP

    Jordan Gibson

  • Producer

    Jedidiah Gant

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