Sarah Shook Goes Synth Rock


Saturn Turns

Looking for a Road

We collaborated with singer-songwriter Sarah Shook to develop a video concept for 'Saturn Turns', the lead single off their new musical side project Mightmare.

Going in Circles

The creative concept centers around a 360 degree camera shot. It took planning and many, many blueprint sketches to make that circular shot work. Add in several days at a rundown gas station, many a taco dinners, and you’ve got this gem, which we adore.

So does Rolling Stone and a few other publications (like Yahoo!) which featured the video upon its release.

I’m still just in shock at the level of production and how involved this has been.

Sarah Shook

I'm lookin' for any old road I ain't been down before.

Sarah Shook aka Mightmare

Behind the Scenes

  • Four Myriad crew members at a gas station
  • A women at a gas station with a guitar
  • Gas pumps with neon lights on the sides
  • A man placing a camera on the hood of a car


  • Director

    Daniel Cook

  • Director of Photography

    Max Zampieri

  • Executive Producer

    Will Feichter

  • Assistant Director

    Spike Hoban

  • AC/Grip

    Ish Abdelkhalek

  • Gaffer/Grip

    Carlos Crupi

  • Production Assistant

    Aviana Vickers

  • Production Assistant

    Alysse Campbell

  • Production Assistant

    Jedidiah Gant