Sarah Shook's Mightmare 'Saturn Turns' Music Video Featured in Rolling Stone

Our Myriad Originals music video production for the lead single off Sarah Shook's new synth-rock side project, Mightmare, has been getting a lot of publicity, including a prominent feature in the legendary music magazine, Rolling Stone.

We collaborated with singer-songwriter Sarah Shook to develop a video concept for 'Saturn Turns', the lead single off their new musical side project Mightmare.

The creative concept centers around a 360 degree camera shot. It took planning and many, many blueprint sketches to make that circular shot work. Add in several days at a rundown gas station, many a taco dinners, and you’ve got this gem, which we adore. So does Rolling Stone and a few other publications (like Yahoo!) which featured the video upon its release.

Just watched!!  Fuckin' blown away!!

Sarah Shook

Check out the full video and more details here. The film also won a few awards early this year at the Triangle Addys.

24 Jul 2024