Filming the Nottoway

Clean Water Anthem

Sierra Club

Cleaning up the Shoreline

As part of our collaborative relationship with The Sierra Club, we floated down the Nottoway River with Clean Water Director Beth Roach as our guide. With cameras in hand, we filmed a group of Sierra Club employees paddling up the river together in kayaks.

Beth's goal was to educate everyone on the importance of clean water by exploring the river and promoting the water program which she is in charge of at Sierra.

For well over a decade, we (the Nottoway tribe) have been coming here to clean the shores, connect and tell stories.


The Nottoway Way

We understand the importance of indigenous perspective as it relates to environmental action. Sierra Club's approach takes this perspective into account with their work with folks like Beth and we want to help make that work make a difference.

Check out our BTS blog post for more details on the project and filming process.


  • Producer

    Drew Grimes

  • Director

    Max Zampieri

  • Second Camera

    Ishmail Abdelkhalek

  • Editor

    Reiley Wooten