Creating a Whimsical Video for Fatty15

For the second time in a few months, we teamed up with Tinuiti, the largest independent performance marketing firm across Streaming TV, to bring one of their colorful video campaigns to life. This time, it was for Seraphina Therapeutics’ new health-forward supplement Fatty15.

What is Fatty15?

C15:0 is the first essential fatty acid to be discovered since the omegas—over 90 years ago. Fatty15 contains a pure, award-winning, C15:0 powder called FA15™. With 3X more cellular benefits than omega-3, fatty15 targets and reverses cellular aging to deliver whole body and mind health.

Breaking down the breakthrough science.

Fatty15 is a new product on the market, therefore it needed an entertaining and informative commercial (comedic infomercial?) to share its new science with the world. Tinuiti brought us an initial creative idea on how to break down the breakthrough science. 

Enter the concept of the Science Translator. We utilized a combination of a sterile clinical setting and humor to juxtapose the groundbreaking scientific discoveries and clinical authority of fatty15 with easily-digestible selling points and health results relatable to the everyday person.

Translating the science.

Director David Denton translated the visual direction from Tinuiti to make the science relatable, understandable and fun. Denton leaned into the whimsical nature of the spot, making both the set and the actors come to life as characters in their own right. 

Both the scientist and the translator were in their own worlds, yet shared a common wall that needed to be pushed and pulled along the way to create a fun tension between the two. To accomplish this, we built two sets that matched up perfectly and a locked off camera to create a seamless back and forth between the two scenes.

Props on Set

The two worlds merged when the translator reaches over to grab the bottle from the scientist’s lab. This gag was perfected with a classic blue screen approach, allowing the worlds to meld in the post-production process.

Our sets were built by the Prop Tarts crew with the whimsical, yet precise, nature of a Wes Anderson film in mind. The color. The contrast. A feeling for the classic, yet contemporary. The sets became a relatable, charming addition to the video.

Allowing the art department to ‘go ham’ on the set was so fun. We cranked it up to eleven and then dialed it back.

Director David Denton

Health Awareness

One of the main goals of the video was to Increase awareness for fatty15’s brand in way that drives purchase intent. The campaign currently has over 500,000 views on YouTube and continues to get attention for this unique scientific breakthrough.

Check out the full project.

14 Jun 2024