Art for All

The Art of Healing with ArtGivers

We worked with ArtGivers, a Raleigh-based non-profit organization formed over COVID, to make a documentary film that explains their mission of making original art available to people in healing spaces, while supporting emerging artists.

ArtGivers purchases art from emerging artists and offers it for free to mission-driven organizations like free and charitable medical clinics, shelters, and drug rehab centers, to own and hang in their facilities. This supports both the people who view and engage with the art, and the artists who create it.

It’s proven that art can help with healing.

Adam Cohen, ArtGivers co-founder

Since ArtGivers is a brand-new organization, telling their story to the public is priority number one. Video became the way they wanted to explain that story in an emotional and compelling way.

For the video, ArtGivers chose three nonprofit organizations to hang art in their spaces: Healing Transitions (a drug rehab facility), Community House (a 24-hour men’s shelter) and Samaritan Health Center (a free and charitable health clinic). The organizations chose the art, then ArtGivers purchased the art from emerging professional artists and donated it to the organizations.

The video stands in for the founders when they can’t be there in person.

Adam Cohen - ArtGivers co-founder

We partnered with ArtGivers to film b-roll and record testimonials from people about the impact the art was having on them in the space. Their testimonials provide the backbone to tell the story of how the organization helps improve morale of both participants and staff.

Myriad really maximized the emotional impact of the video.

Adam Cohen - ArtGivers co-founder


Director/Writer - Adam Cohen 

Director of Photography - Max Zampieri

Producer - Sean Riddle

1st AC - Jordan Gibson

Set Design - Emily Mormann 

Editing - Jordan Gibson

24 Jul 2024