Documenting Song Confessional with Artsplosure and Babe Club

We collaborated with Artsplosure (the arts organization), Babe Club (the band), and Song Confessional (the podcast) to create a short documentary about identity and young love.

Every Spring, the arts and culture festival Artsplosure hits the streets, bringing art vendors, interactive installations and live music to the streets of Downtown Raleigh.

Over the past few years, the organization has hosted Song Confessional, a podcast that gets today's top bands and songwriters to turn anonymous stories into new original songs. In 2023, Artsplosure collaborated with Song Confessional and Window Music to get South Carolina indie-rockers Babe Club to perform one of the past confessionals live at the festival.

The confessional reveals how a non-binary teen has kept their identity secret from the world, except for one special, more than a friend, friend.

This short documentary tells the story of how music, art and an anonymous confessional come together to create a meaningful message for young lovers trying to come to terms with their own identity and relationships.

Read more about the collaboration over at the Artsplosure website and watch the full Babe Club Window Music performance.


  • Video Agency: Myriad
  • Co-Directors: Sandra Davidson, Alysse Campbell + Jedidiah Gant
  • Executive Producers: Alysse Campbell + Jedidiah Gant
  • Producer: Drew Grimes
  • Editor: Sandra Davidson

Window Music Performance

  • Director of Photography - Trevor Jackson
  • Camera Operator - Tony Cope, Trevor Underwood
  • Audio - Zontrey Thomas
  • Gaffer - Terry O’Deen

Special Thanks: Artsplosure, Song Confessional, Babe Club

17 May 2024