Child Labor

Not Much Has Changed, a Myriad Original Doc

In the Myriad Original documentary Not Much Has Changed, former child farmworker Yesenia takes us on an intimate journey through the overlooked world of immigrant and child labor in America's agriculture.

It’s a personal project for Max Zampieri, who served as Director, Producer and Editor.

Through this film, I hope to spark essential conversations about labor, dignity, systemic inequity, and the invisible work of Latinxs that are feeding us.

Director Max Zampieri

As Yesenia fights for the rights and well-being of farmworkers, the film challenges viewers to confront the uncomfortable truths about the food on their tables. The basic human rights of immigrants who harvest our food are often overlooked.

According to the EPA, anywhere from 200,000 to 500,000 children under 18 work in agriculture with constant exposure to unsafe levels of pesticides. And on top of all this, they don't make enough to go to the store to purchase the fruits and vegetables they pick on the fields.

The reality is, there are thousands of immigrant children working on farms. We created this film to tell their story.

Director Max Zampieri

Not Much Has Changed invites audiences to see the world through a Latinx perspective while emphasizing that, despite progress, not much has changed.

Releasing on streaming platforms soon.

24 Jul 2024