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Myriad Originals 2023 Slate

From a musical documentary production to the self-journey of an indigenous woman, here is a collection of Myriad Originals projects we are currently working on. These films are in various stages of development and looking for partnership on a few different levels.


Earth Guardians

After a devastating hurricane nearly wipes out his means to survive, Honduran farmer Jonatan Reyes devotes his attention to finding a way to repair the farm, food and climate ecosystem in his local community.


Earth Guardians is a compelling short documentary that chronicles a resilient Honduran farmer, Jonatan Reyes. After surviving the devastating Hurricane Mitch, he devotes his life to bringing communities out of poverty through sustainable farming and battling climate change.

By intertwining poignant human narratives with the transformative power of regenerative farming, EARTH GUARDIANS provides hope to a diverse audience, from government entities to younger generations, and ignites a global movement.

Demographic Keywords / Audience Targets

Gen Z, Millennials, Law and Policy Makers, NGOs, Sustainability, Climate Change, Farming, International, Advocacy

Story of Identity

Purple Shells

A woman's life starts to fall into focus, as she realizes who she is and what she is destined to become.


Growing up in the tidewater of Virginia, Beth Roach had a sense that something about her family was just beyond her understanding. Motivated by a desire to uncover the truth of her heritage, Beth began a journey of discovery that answered the questions: who am I, and how do I show up in the world?

An intimate journey of knowing, acceptance and connection, PURPLE SHELLS takes viewers on a journey of purpose and identity; through complex–and sometimes uncomfortable–historical truths. Beth’s path towards becoming who she is and what she stands for, could change not only the way we view each other, but how we connect to something greater than ourselves.

Demographic Keywords / Audience Targets

Identity, personal identity, Indigenous, environmentalism, water protection, Virginia, Nottoway, climate change, biodiversity, climate justice, colonialism, culture.

Stories of reflection

Voicemails to My Future Self

Amongst the memories we share are stories that can shape our future. 


In VOICEMAILS TO MY FUTURE SELF, we hear intimate, lived and real experiences, shared by the people who lived them. Each voicemail is a chance to explore the lived perspective of the film's narrators and consider social change in a new and narrative way. 

With a focus on issues like gun violence, mental health, social justice, climate change, LGBTQ+ rights, reproductive rights and voting access, this award winning series of shorts hopes to change the way we see ourselves, by changing the way we relate to each other's stories.

Demographic Keywords / Audience Targets

Advocacy, Racial Justice, Mental Health, Gun Violence, Reproductive Rights, Immigration

Music Community

The Great Cover Up

For one night only, every band… is your favorite band. Pull back the curtain on The Great Cover Up, an electric intersection of community, cover bands, and the couple that’s fighting to keep it all together.


After 20 years and over 500 cover bands, The Great Cover Up grew from a single concert into a community institution in Raleigh, North Carolina. The annual event is an unabashedly creative, silly, DIY cover band concert that celebrates individuality amongst an increasingly uniform world.

Paul Siler and Cheetie Kumar are the owners at the core of Raleigh’s beloved music venue slash James Beard nominated restaurant. But as they look towards the future of ever increasing rent and cultural homogeneity, they question if it’s worth the hustle to keep their indie venue alive. 

Demographic Keywords / Audience Targets

Millennials, Gen X, Music, Arts, Culture, History, Fashion, Food

About Myriad Originals - Films that Inspire Action.

Changing our collective consciousness often starts with the spark of a story. One human, connecting with another, to share a memory, a life, a lesson, a journey. Some are inspiring, others are painful, and still others are the types of stories we hope to spare the world from. They are raw, they are real, and they have the power to be transformative.

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