Behind the Lens: Voicemails Vol. 2 with Michael 'Top' Washington

Voicemails To My Future Self: Vol 2 is a short non-profit film production about a suicidal veteran who keeps his promise: to call his wingman, and together they secure his firearm.

Myriad co-founder and Writer/Director Tony Cope is a three-time gun violence survivor. It’s what led him to his advocacy work against gun violence, which led to a conversation with the Marine Corps. Veteran Michael “Top” Washington.

'Behind the Lens: Voicemails Vol. 2' is a Myriad Originals short film telling the story behind the story of the second volume in our Voicemails series.

After surviving his own suicide attempt, Top became a fierce mental health advocate, and is now a licensed trauma therapist. He’s trained to deal with people in their darkest moments and was invaluable in telling this story.

I found myself on a bridge. Suddenly, I was a warrior without a war.

Sergeant Michael 'Top' Washington

Top joined us on set for 3 long days of production. We filmed deep into the night, matching the protagonist’s mental state. It’s a heavy film, but gravely important to help break the stigma of asking for help and to secure a firearm.

Having Top on set allows someone who has been through this, to make sure that the conversations were authentic.

Writer + Director Tony Cope

My mission is to make sure that no veteran, or first responder, ever goes through what I went through.

Sergeant Michael 'Top' Washington

When your wingman calls and is in need, you drop everything and go to them.

Wingman Script Quote

The team for this project:

  • Jordan Gibson - Director + editor
  • Alysse Campbell - Executive Producer
  • Jedidiah Gant - Assistant Producer

Watch the full Voicemails Vol. 2 film and check out more behind the scenes photos from set.

18 Apr 2024