Myriad Names Two New Creative Directors

Myriad is a video agency that produces commercial video and now, original films. These are films that tell bold stories that inspire action. We call them Myriad Originals. We have made some exciting personnel changes that reflect ongoing focus on both areas of video.

Max Zampieri will move into the role of Creative Director for Myriad Originals. Max has served as Myriad’s CD since July 2020. Max has directed a variety of work for brands Vans, Apple, Qualcomm, IBM and pop rock group OK Go.

Max is also one of the creators of our internationally award-winning Voicemails to My Future Self webseries.

We're actively reaching out, approaching brands and streaming platforms to partner on original films.

Max Zampieri - Creative Director, Myriad Originals

In the future, one of Max’s dream projects is to create a documentary series, in collaboration with a forward-thinking brand, that dives deep into the Latino narrative in the US.

It's about capturing the raw emotions, the triumphs, the challenges, and debunking the myths. A heartfelt exploration of the Latino essence in America.

Max Zampieri - Creative Director, Myriad Originals

Spike Hoban will move into the role of Creative Director for Myriad; leading a team of creatives in the making of fresh, innovative commercial work.

In his time here at Myriad, Spike has worked for brands such as UNCSA, Carolina Performing Arts, IBM, Lenovo, and Epic Games.

I am focused on fostering the creation of impactful work. I'm ensuring that our creatives have the resources and support they need. If you work with Myriad, our goal is for you to produce the best work of your career.

Spike Hoban, Creative Director

Both award-winning creatives, Max and Spike, together, will lead Myriad in bigger and bolder directions. Our advertising and original films are lucky to have them leading the way.

14 Jun 2024